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Preservation group buying dune property at American Beach

A Jacksonville nonprofit North Florida Land Trust is buying part of the “NaNa” dune system on Nassau County’s American Beach – and trying to raise money to pay for it. For more information, read the Florida Times-Union article.

To learn even more about this extraordinary effort and the American Beach story, watch this brief and beautiful video.

American Beach Featured In Forbes Magazine 

“A Place For Recreation And Relaxation Without Humiliation.” Those were the words of Abraham Lincoln Lewis describing American Beach, the first resort in Florida purpose-built to welcome Black visitors which he helped found in 1935. More »

Social Distancing = Community Caring 

Every time you put on your mask, and maintain space and small gatherings, you help keep our American Beach safe from the Covid-19 virus. Please help keep our entire community safe, especially our compromised residents, and ensure our businesses stay open during this pandemic. We’re in this together! 

Nassau County Covid-19 Resources 

Stay safe in our community by wearing masks and maintaining social distancing at our events and meetings. To stay updated on the latest COVID-19 news in our county, visit this page for additional information and resources. More »


“An American Beach Story…Building a Legacy”

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